ADHD - What are the Symptoms

20 Aug

One of the common things that we mostly associate on ADHD would be hyperactivity. Though hyperactivity is usually present in many children with ADHD, being very active however does not really mean that you have a diagnosis. There are actually three subtypes of ADHD which are being hyperactive, inattentive and a combination of the two. ADHD also is a constellation of symptoms and that the behaviors which simply cannot be explained by other cause. ADHD also is not just having a short attention span. There are a lot of parents who are confused by the fact that people who have ADHD are able to spend two hours playing a video game, but are not able to complete their homework or be able to meet deadlines. ADHD is simply a neurological disorder which has a pervasive and significant impact on one's behavior and learning.

There are two main characteristics of children having ADHD which makes life harder for them as well as to the ones that loves them. One of it is having a weakness on 'Executive Functioning'. This kind of weakness is in having the ability to working efficiency, strategically and in executing our plans mindfully. This is where writing and reading comprehensions are considered a downfall to a lot of students who have ADHD because a successful reading and writing will depend with our executive functioning. Another problematic symptom is having difficulty on impulse control, which is known in other terms as behavioral disinhibition. Those that have ADHD finds it hard to control their impulses and they usually violate rules, irritating people and they tend to make careless mistakes or they complete a task in a haphazard way.

ADHD is also known as diagnosis of exclusion. This means that the psychologist or physician that makes the diagnosis should ensure that nothing else is causing the symptoms. Implementing a quick parent interview is not adequate. Also, it is estimated that about 50% of those having ADHD have specific learning disabilities. They also have higher risk of depression, anxiety as well as self-destructive behaviors.

Not only are those individuals having ADHD are at risk of underachievement at school as well as on their professional life, they are also more likely to have significant levels of depression, behavioral and depression problems. Many however are able to benefit from treatments like coaching or through a cognitive behavioral therapy. Going to such therapies greatly helps to avoid the bigger problems in the future. You can get additional details by checking out this link -

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